Top Digital Marketing Agencies for Educational Institutes in the USA

For higher education institutions, it is crucial to reach potential students who are willing to continue their education.

Through an intelligent digital marketing strategy, it is easy to recruit high-value students for your educational institution.

To attract more prospective students and boost your enrollment rates, you must work with the higher education marketing agencies.

A professional agency helps your institution stand out online. So, working with digital marketing agencies for educational institutes is a breakthrough to grow leads and enrollment rates as well as retaining alumni relations.

If you would like to learn more about the digital marketing strategies for educational institutes, including effective action plans, you can check out our article.

Best Digital Agencies with Educational Case Studies

Recently, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, online education has been in high demand in the field of education.

The online assets of the educational institutes gained great importance in terms of educational policies and executive actions. So, digital marketing strategies became significant for them.

Here we listed the top digital marketing agencies for educational institutes in the USA. You can work with any of these agencies to grow your institution to the next level:

  • Blacksmith Agency
  • Lounge Lizard
  • Isadora
  • Pastilla
  • Originate
  • Mabbly
  • OneMagnify
  • Aumcore

Blacksmith Agency

One of the best digital marketing agencies for educational institutes in the USA is Blacksmith. Blacksmith Agency uses a consultative strategy to connect with potential partners. They provide proactive analysis of your present advanced experience and then make significant moves to meet quantifiable commerce goals. 

They set out to create thinking sophisticated goods by understanding everything about your brand, target demographic, and back-office conditions. Blacksmith Agency serves a wide range of industries and one of these is educational institutes. To clarify their success we can give an example of their works. Platt College is the best example to understand Blacksmith Agency’s workflow. 


Platt College has always believed that education is the basis for personal and professional development and that students should be given the chance to reach their full potential.

The school’s website was a major source of leads and applications, with the website accounting for a considerable portion of Platt’s enrollment. Blacksmith Agency has made websites more convenient for its users with UX audit, UI review, website redesign & development, and LMS integration strategies for Platt College.

Lounge Lizard

Established in 1998, Lounge Lizard Worldwide, Inc. is an award winning web design and digital marketing agency. They are located in NYC, with offices in Long Island, and Los Angeles.

lounge lizard educational digital marketing case studies

The agency shines when it comes to conceptualizing inspired and inventive online business models, brand friendly websites, powerful direct response strategies, mobile applications and ingenious marketing strategies.

Lounge Lizard’s digital strategies create hyper-growth for their clients.

Lounge Lizard has worked with various educational institutes such as Princeton University, NYU and many more. Recently they’ve designed the website of Edge Studio, a full-service studio and leading authority that has been producing high-quality audio and educating students in the art of VO for over thirty years.


Isadora is a digital marketing agency whose work spans many industries including educational institutes. The agency elevates brands to new levels of distinction. The skilled team is made up of collaborating innovators whose passion is emerging technology and human behavior.


At Isadora, they combine their knowledge of how people use the internet with strategic creativity to create one-of-a-kind experiences and until now they’ve worked with both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

With over 100 million users in 70 countries, PowerSchool is one of the agency’s clients. PowerSchool’s executives imagined a digital solution and K-12 education technology platform that would power operations, teacher empowerment, student advancement, and family engagement.

The brand collaborated with Isadora Agency to rethink school administration and the tech that powers it. Brand strategy, concept, UX/UI, web design & development, CMC integration, analytics & optimization services are some of the services offered by Isadora, and thanks to this successful collaboration, the company now has a powerful interactive web product making them an opinion leader in the education market.


Pastilla is a top-notch digital marketing agency with award-winning projects and initiatives for educational institutions that arouse interest in the field. They can help you discover the potential of full-service marketing and build your digital experience for educational institutions. Among the services that they can offer are film and video creation, design services, UX/UI services, brand strategy, and copywriting.


Pastilla collaborated with Los Angeles-based Price Schools to generate attention-getting material to help advertise their K-12 college preparatory school and engage current students. The time-sensitive blitz campaign began with an entertaining hip-hop music video, targeted postcards, radio advertisements, and content promotion via digital marketing activities. The music video that is performed by the entire student body received an immense response online.

Curious about the results? Site traffic increased up to 85% and new student leads up to 70%!


Having more than 10 years of experience as a digital marketing agency, WEBITMD’s projects for a variety of industries, including educational institutes gained international acclaim.


Paid media, organic SEO and content, sales enablement, creative and development, brand story are among their digital marketing services. They drive the strategy and own the execution of your digital marketing campaigns for educational institutions. They always adapt to the ever-changing world of digital marketing and stay current on the latest developments, so you don’t have to.

WEBITMD worked with the CSU Stanislaus Extended Education Department to develop and ground-up PPC campaigns both in Search and Display networks in addition to a remarketing strategy. They built search campaigns, display campaigns, they defined the audience by their interest type and targeted image placement. As a result, the university gained local & national exposure, got more than 27000 clicks, 15 million ad impressions, and received new student registrations from highly targeted audience types.


Digital agency Originate designs and builds custom software products solving complex problems, with a focus on time-to-market, scalability, and business impact.

They work with large enterprises to build revolutionary new products and reimagine legacy systems. They also partner with high growth startups to help them accelerate their vision and create a competitive advantage.

What’s more, they have successful case studies with educational institutes. Brown University needed a better way to connect community members. Their expertise in vision-setting cleared a path for tackling the specific challenges of building a communication hub. Driven by personalization and content prioritization, Brown University’s new platform delivered relevant and timely updates.


Among multiple education marketing agencies, Mabbly stands out as a specialist in making data-driven decisions to grow businesses. Mabbly team is very assertive about accelerating the future vision of your institution by discovering its potential. It is a Chicago-centered agency that collaborates with several recognized companies to provide brand development.

In addition to creating result-oriented solutions, Mabbly offers plenty of digital services, including product design, digital advertising, social content management, and custom application development. You can visit their website to see the details and the further actions with which they can provide you.


As a full-service, global agency, OneMagnify is dedicated to building and transforming the world’s most ambitious brands. They encourage a deep understanding of their clients’ brands that results in leverageable insights. Also, OneMagnify partners with educational institutes and help them through digital marketing solutions.

They helped Delaware County Community College building a stronger message for higher education. They were charged with creating an integrated brand campaign that would boost awareness of the school and extend its promise to prospective students. As a consequence, they reached 35,000 unique web visitors and +5% awareness of the college.


With its result-driven approach, Aumcore is one of the top digital marketing agencies for educational institutes in the USA. Its global headquarters are located in New York, and it has also offices throughout the world, from London to Kuala Lumpur. It is an award-winning and recognized agency with its excellence in digital marketing services. 

As its competitors mentioned above, Aumcore presents several digital services. These are including strategic and innovative planning for brand development. If you have a stunning brand strategy and content design for your academic institution, you can get all the necessary online properties to stand out in the market. 


These education marketing agencies located in the USA are focusing on a great number of digital marketing functions and actions to boost your online assets.

Considering your own needs and preferences, you can choose the best one for you to be assisted in marketing to highlight your online education platform as well as retaining alumni relationships. 

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